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Shania Smith ’23 & Friends:

“Project: Where is the Love?” is a student-led fundraising project that was inspired by the turbulent and uncertain times we are currently in with the expressed purpose of spreading positive energy, sending a message of unity, and raising funds to support causes that address the growing needs that have arisen in underrepresented communities in light of COVID-19. 

With schools closing, businesses shutting their doors, and unemployment rising, COVID-19  has led to unprecedented economic upheaval, and this has, in turn, led to widespread food insecurity in many underprivileged communities across the country. In a country that wastes ~40% of food annually, we believe that hunger is amongst the many critical issues that can and should be easily fixed. Thus, we are directly raising funds for No Kid Hungry, a hunger charity that supports children who are struggling from food shortages across the United States. To share a little love in a child’s life today, please follow this link to our donation page.

Additionally, we would like to raise awareness for the following organizations that are also making compelling efforts to address current-day issues:

  • COVID-19 has seen significant rises in mental health issues across the country. It has especially been the case for our more vulnerable youth population. Children are more than ever in need of services to help them healthily grapple with and process grief, isolation, and trauma. Children’s Grief Connection is an organization that has been providing these services to children and their families in this critical time of need. To donate to and/or find out how you can help support the cause, please follow this link.
  • This past year’s racial reckoning has reminded us that racial injustice is still very much a part of the fabric of American society. One particular area in which this is blatantly evident is our criminal justice system. Increasingly alarming rates of mass incarceration have particularly dire effects on communities and livelihoods of people of color – breaking up families, subjecting those imprisoned to traumatizing mistreatment, amongst many others. The Equal Justice Initiative is a non-profit organization focused on reforming inhumane aspects of the United States’ criminal justice system, providing both legal and emotional support for those currently incarcerated and educating communities about the sobering effects of racial injustice in institutes. You can check out their work via this link.
  • Lastly, this past year we saw the intense heightening of political and social divisions in our society. The need for reconciliation, healing, and growth in our country has become ever more urgent as we’ve witnessed the sobering effects of these divisions. Be The Bridge is a Christian organization that advocates for social unity and systemic injustice reform in communities, as well as educates people on how to foster a sense of togetherness in their own communities. To check them out, feel free to follow this link.