a student-centric artistic platform

artistic + activism



Bringing the arts and activism together in one engaging, empowering, & entertaining environment.



Opportunities to meld in-person and remote experiences, creative projects and critical thinking

Facilitates publicizing, training, developing public voice about DEI issues through artistic and interdisciplinary applications.

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Artivism Television: a student-centric, spotlighting platform

Showcases professional productions per term and different types of student groups and projects throughout the year.

Features student content from ensembles, groups, projects, works, and concepts.

Showcases faculty and staff works.

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A team made up of cross-disciplinary faculty, staff, and alumni

Build programs that combine activism education, creative arts, and scholarship.

Cultivate and facilitate connections with related academic departments (Music, Theater, Film & Media) and centers (Hop, Ethics, Social Impact, Hood, Tucker, Tuck).

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artivism television

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DEI Emphasis

Student Engagement


Partnerships and Sponsors

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